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According to UK Gov, about 6.6 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year, the majority being out of date food intended to be consumed.

UK Gov says this equates roughly as £250-£400 of food waste per household per year. The distances our food travels to get to our supermarkets is also an environmental concern.  Here are some WCAG tips to consider to reduce waste and reduce the environmental impact of our food:

  1. Consider a plan for your meals before buying food, perhaps make a weekly meal plan and then buy what you need, this should cut down on waste.
  2. Consider reducing meat consumption.
  3. Consider a compost bin in your garden for vegetable peelings. if you are able it will make wonderful compost for growing flowers and vegetables.
  4. Consider portion sizes, cook just enough so that cooked food is eaten rather than thrown away.
  5. Consider where you buy your food from, can you buy local food locally, so reducing the transport of goods.
  6. Consider buying your food loose, thereby reducing the single use packaging that many foodstuffs use.
  7. Consider growing some of your own food! Even if only a tiny fraction is home grown, this will help offset the impact of food transport and your own food tastes so much better!