Let's go!

Travel emissions can represent a substantial proportion of many peoples carbon footprint

Whether this is business travel, flights to the sun at holiday time, commuting to & from work, ferrying the children to & from school & to after school activities as well as leisure trips, days out to the coast, & trips to sporting & cultural events.

We can all act to reduce our travel emissions in a range of different ways including:

  • Switching to public transport for some journeys
  • Cycling or walking instead of using the car for short trips
  • Switching to a hybrid, or better still an electric car next time you change your vehicle
  • Holiday closer to home, there are many great destinations for all types of holiday¬† available in the UK
  • car share when it is practical to do so
  • consider whether some trips are necessary, many people have been working from home for much of the past year, is it possible to continue to do so for at least part of the week
  • consider using technology such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to conduct some meetings rather than travel long distances – many of us have been amazed by how much more efficient¬† in terms of use of time this can be.