Let's go!

Did you know…In the early 1900s 40% of vehicles were electric and New York and London had fleets of electric taxis and public charging infrastructure! Plus Henry Ford’s wife drove an EV.

Did you know…Our closest public EV charge points to Witchford are at the Apex Café in the Lancaster Way business Park, the new Co-op at the A142 roundabout in Sutton, the station in Ely and at the Hive in Ely.

Did you know…The unit at the Hive is a fairly high power unit able to provide equivalent of approx 200 miles per hour into any electric car and has easy contactless payment facility.

Did you know…There are approx. 8000 petrol stations in the UK and this is steadily reducing, and there are approx. 43000 accessible electric car charge connectors in the UK in 16000 locations, with approx. 550 being added per month (accurate per 4th August 2021).

Did you know…the latest generation of rapid chargers can add the equivalent of 200 to 250 miles of range in 15 minutes into some vehicles and this 15 minute top up would cost around £12 (accurate per 4th August 2021).

Did you know…the humble UK 3 pin socket can add equivalent of about 8 miles per hour, so an overnight charge on say economy 7 tariff can add approx. 60 miles of range and could cost well under £1. All EVs can be charged this way.

Did you now…Government Grants of £2500 are available to help with cost of buying a new zero emission vehicle.

Did you know…Government Grants of £350 are available to help with costs of fitting electric car charging equipment at home and also for employers at work.