Let's go!

Tree Planting

A group of Witchford Residents are currently involved in tree planting around the village

Community Heating Scheme

There are a growing number of community-led energy generation / heat generation projects, including close to our village. These include Heating Swaffham Prior. The group states “Swaffham Prior Community Land Trust and Cambridgeshire County Council have been working together to offer [a} green heating alternative to oil, on which the village is currently dependant”. Swaffham Prior has dared to think long-term and big! If we worked together as a community, what could Witchford achieve? If you have any ideas you would like to suggest or discuss, please get in touch! For more information about the Swaffham Prior scheme, click below.

Wildflower Planting

The stunning displays of wildflowers in summer around Witchford are evidence of volunteer groups that give up their free time to beautify the village in an effort to make it a more environmentally friendly neighbourhood for all of us to enjoy. These areas attract natural pollinators which in turn help with local food production.

Witchford Parish Council Lighting Scheme

Did you know that WPC has converted all WPC-owned street lights to LED light bulbs as well as switching to a renewable energy supplier? This directly impacts positively on the WPC carbon footprint.