A group of Witchford Residents are currently involved in tree planting around the village.  Native species such as Alder, Holly and Rowan, are being planted where trees have been lost due to disease or damage or to enhance the local environment.  The trees are being planted as young saplings which tend to take to their new homes more readily than larger, more mature trees.  Eventually, we hope that these saplings will grow into mature trees that will not only provide a visual impact and provide shade but will also be home to a variety of animal life.

The location of the tree planting can be seen on the map below and also on Google Earth here.

Full list of species used: Field maple, Alder, Silver birch, Common hornbeam, Sweet chestnut ,Dogwood, Hazel, Common beech, Ash, Holly ,Common walnut, Crab apple, Scots pine, White poplar, Black poplar, Wild cherry (gean), English oak, Goat willow, Whitebeam, Rowan, Guelder rose & Fruit trees.