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3. Switch via Octopus Energy’s ‘People Power’ scheme to raise funds for your local community

One interesting option to consider is switching to Octopus Energy. While not necessarily offering the “greenest” nor the cheapest renewable energy depending on the tariff that you choose, they will donate £50 to Rackham Primary School’s PTA, Friends of Witchford Rackham (FWR) every time someone switches to an Octopus tariff via their ‘People Power’ scheme.  During the pandemic FWR’s ability to raise funds to support pupils in the school has been severely restricted.  Witchford’s Climate Action Group suggested that the FWR register as a ‘community’ with Octopus’s People Power scheme to encourage more people to switch to renewable energy and at the same time to provide a way of being able to raise funds in these most challenging of times. 

TO switch to Octopus Energy, to get £50 personal credit AND to get an Octopus Energy donation of £50 to the Friends of Witchford Rackham please use the link below.

  • Octopus electricity comes from 100% Renewable Sources
  • It only takes a couple of minutes to get a quote and sign up
  • Octopus have no contracts nor exit fees so if you want to switch, you’ll be able to leave without any hassle.
  • Anyone who signs up via the link above will get credit automatically 10 working days after their first direct debit has been taken making them eligible for £50 as well as the £50 donation to Friends of Rackham.

Written by WCAG volunteer, Jill Merchant.