Let's go!

Greta tells is how it is. “We can no longer let the people in power decide what hope is. Hope is not passive. Hope is not blah blah blah. Hope is telling the truth. Hope is taking action”. Even before her speech at the pre-COP26 meeting in Milan, as a family we had decided to make changes in our lives. We aren’t vegan. We do own a car. We do buy (some) new clothes. We do buy from supermarkets. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t make changes to our lives to have an impact on our carbon footprint – those within reach based on our financial situation, which is so different for everyone, and those we felt we would stick with.

What’s next? It’s really difficult. The biggest change we can now make it moving to home-based renewable energy and switching from gas to alternative methods of cooking and heating the house. That’s a huge financial commitment…so we’ll start saving and see how we are doing in 2-3 years time! Ultimately, everyone’s journey to net zero will be different. But experience shows that – while government may lead large-scale initiatives (let’s hope) – it is down to each of us to do what we feel we can do. My advice is start small if you feel daunted, and slowly other opportunities for change will become apparent. Plus ask for advice and support – we are a great community here to help each other!