Let's go!

One of the activities that everyone in Witchford can do to combat climate change is to accelerate tree planting in Witchford parish.  By acting now, we will be helping current and future residents adapt to a warming climate and we will be providing the vital habitat that will help the natural world to survive in the decades to come.

Planting for Witchford Parish Council’s 2021-2022 Tree Plan started in April 2021.  The next batch of saplings are on order, ready to be planted during January – April 2022.   When the saplings are available, The Open Spaces Team will again assemble to transform our village for future generations of Witchfordians.

If you would like to be part of that transformation, please contact Richard Braund for more information about the Open Spaces Group and volunteering on 665222 (email: richardbraud50@hotmail.com).

As you can see from the photos that follow, everybody is welcome to be part of our village’s adaptation to climate change

Witchford Common - 2021

Planting a black poplar on Witchford Common in April 2021, the first of 162 trees to be planted as part of Witchford’s 2021-2022 Tree Plan.

Victoria Green - 2005

Sunrise over Victoria Green (21 November 2005)

Before Witchfordians started to mobilize to plant trees in our village, Witchford felt like a very different village to the one that we all take for granted now.

Main Street/Granta Close junction 1992 and 2021

Main Street by the Village Sign 1992 and 2021

Bedwell Hey Lane Hedge 1994 and 2021

Millennium Wood 1999 and 2021

Victoria Green 2007 and 2021

The Community Orchard 2013 and 2021

The Broadway Hedge 2014 and 2021

Fairchild Wood 2017 to 2021